All trials experience roadblocks
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Consent with Ease

Shift from document management to patient comprehension, removing the burden, risk, and cost of managing paper, hybrid, and eConsent.

eCOA for Global Studies

Serve complex global licensed instruments in any language with powerful alerts, real-time analytics, and engaging compliance tools.

Integrated Video for Modern Trials

Alethium’s integrated video speeds consent, facilitates remote visits, and increases engagement from any device.

Why Us?

Innovation Born from Experience

Alethium’s journey began with a critical rescue. The world’s leading CRO, asked us to salvage multiple at-risk trials, address architecture issues, spearhead feature development on their legacy trial platform, and provide product strategy for their next-generation platform. Drawing on this and 17 years of software experience, Alethium created a clinical trial platform lauded for its exceptional engagement, robust functionalities, and innovative architecture. Engineered to meet the dynamic needs of sponsors, CROs, CRAs, site staff, and patients, our platform sets a new standard in trial management.

Advancing Breakthrough Research

From vaccines to groundbreaking research in Multiple Sclerosis, Oncology, NASH, Chikungunya, Cardiology, Vaccine/Infectious Diseases, Hepatitis B, and Ophthalmology, Alethium has tackled some of the toughest trails for the world’s leading CROs and sponsors.


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Phase 2

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Phase 4

Flexible Design

Further Alethium conforms to your protocol’s needs rather than forcing your protocol into a strict pre-determined model. Unlike rigid top-down structures, Alethium models trial protocols from the bottom up, tailoring them to your specific requirements.

A Team Like No Other

Since our establishment in 2008, we have solved our clients' most formidable challenges with a combination of expertise, trust, and diligence. Our team operates with the efficiency and cohesion born from years of collaboration, reflected in our refined processes, streamlined communication, and the exceptional quality of the solutions.

Risk-Based Architecture

Alethium’s event-driven architecture is the core of our trial platform. This paradigm places the audit log at the center of your trial and guarantees absolute audit log accuracy, reducing risk, streamlining audits, and speeding trial completion.

Clarity and Collaboration

Behavior-driven Development (BDD) is the cornerstone of Alethium’s development processes. It produces meticulous, flexible, and accessible living documentation for seamless team alignment. BDD ensures thorough feature vetting, preemptive issue resolution, and precise example crafting for effective development and testing. These examples, doubling as automated tests, inform Alethium’s trace matrix and customer documentation.